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All healthcare facilities, physicians, and insurance companies are not alike. At Central Park Surgery Center we seek to set and be the standard. This website is designed to not only provide valuable and transparent information involving the services offered at Central Park Surgery Center. Central Park Surgery Center is an independent, 100% physician owned, fully state licensed, and AAAHC accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) with the specific goals to deliver high quality, safe, affordable, convenient, compassionate, and transparent outpatient health care to our patients without unnecessary and expensive hospital, health system, or insurance bureaucracies, pricing, or exposure to unnecessary infections. By controlling our overhead costs, we are able to pass the savings on to you, our patients. The prices contained on this website include the surgeon, anesthesia, and facility fees, and thus allow you to shop and seek out the best health care value.

Our price includes the Facility Fee, Surgeon’s Fee, and Anesthesiology Fee. Additional costs may include implant costs, pathology an/or lab charges, and any related transfer fees if required.
Our doctors believe that price transparency is an essential part of helping move healthcare delivery in the right direction. Empowering the patient with critical cost information logically can help lead to better decisions. Risk, benefit, and costs analysis occur in most major decisions that we make and why should healthcare be any different? The underlying goals of Central Park Surgery Center and its physicians and staff are to set and be the standard, do what is right the first time, and provide high quality, compassionate, and affordable healthcare.
We are pleased to accept cash, cashier’s check, health savings accounts (HSA’s), and most major credit cards. We also are able to offer CareCredit ®, a third party provider that can advance funds for medical procedures in some instances. In order to honor our low cash transparent pricing, full payment must be received before services are rendered. This allows us to keep our prices as low as possible without the costs associated with billing and collection activities. Note: we welcome self-insured companies and human resource departments and other groups to make other financial arrangements with us directly.

High Quality, Affordable, Compassionate, and Transparent Care.

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