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Central Park Surgery Center … they way healthcare delivery ought to be.

All healthcare facilities, physicians, and insurance companies are not alike. At Central Park Surgery Center we seek to set and be the standard. In doing so, we believe that the best patient is an informed patient.


This website is designed to not only provide valuable and transparent information involving the services offered at Central Park Surgery Center but also to provide you, the consumer or employer, with important comparative data.

Why should an in-network patient have to pay different rates to have the same procedure done in one facility versus another in-network facility just down the street? Are you aware that pricing differences can be very significant (i.e., in some cases tens of thousands of dollars)? Rather than just complain, we decided to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Patients or their guardians should be empowered with the information needed to make decisions for themselves or their loved ones. Whether you are paying out of pocket, have no insurance, are self pay, have chosen a plan under the Accountable Care Act (ACA) that has a very high deductible with few physicians accepting the plan, are using a Health Savings Account, or have good insurance and just want to know and understand the costs, then this site is designed for you.

Central Park Surgery Center is an independent, 100% physician owned, fully state licensed, and AAAHC accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) with the specific goals to deliver high quality, safe, affordable, convenient, compassionate, and transparent outpatient health care to our patients without unnecessary and expensive hospital, health system, or insurance bureaucracies, pricing, or exposure to unnecessary infections.

By controlling our overhead costs, we are able to pass the savings on to you, our patients. The prices contained on this website include the surgeon, anesthesia, and facility fees, and thus allow you to shop and seek out the best health care value.

High Quality, Affordable, and Compassionate Care.

Frequently Asked Questions

View some of our most frequently asked questions below.

What is included in the price?

Our price includes the Facility Fee, Surgeon’s Fee, and Anesthesiology Fee. Additional costs may include implant costs, pathology an/or lab charges, and any related transfer fees if required.

How long is the quoted price valid?

Price quotes are valid for sixty (60) days.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please feel free to contact Central Park Surgery Center at (817) 784- 8300 and ask to speak with the receptionist concerning any questions about our website. We know that you have a choice when it comes to who, when, and where your healthcare services are delivered and we very much hope to be your location and physicians of choice.

How will a surgeon be selected for me?

In most cases our facility offers a choice of highly qualified and competent surgeons. Should a patient not have a preference, then an appropriate doctor will be selected from our qualified medical staff.

What if I see the surgeon and he doesn‘t believe I’m a surgical candidate?

We have you covered. Included in our transparent pricing is a $200 surgical consultation fee. Should you not be a surgical candidate you will only be responsible for the surgical consultation fee.

May I stay in the overnight facility

Overnight stays are not usually necessary for the type of procedures done in our facility. Should a transfer be required we have both adult and pediatric transfer agreements in place. Transfer costs are not included in our pricing and are the responsibility of the patient or their guarantor.

What is the rate of infection at this facility?

One of the items that differentiate Ambulatory Surgery Centers (free standing out-patient surgical facilities – ASCs) versus hospitals is a much lower infection rate. The estimated national average rate of infections is about 2.6% per year. Central Park Surgery Center has consistently remained well below 1%.

Who will I pay?

You will pay the $200 surgical consultation fee at your surgeon’s office at the time of the initial consultation. This is part of your transparent pricing fee and if you choose to go forward with the surgery you will pay Central Park Surgery Center the remainder of the fee before the surgery.

What methods of payment are acceptable?

We are pleased to accept cash, cashier’s check, health savings accounts (HSA’s), and most major credit cards. We also are able to offer CareCredit ®, a third party provider that can advance funds for medical procedures in some instances. In order to honor our low cash transparent pricing, full payment must be received before services are rendered. This allows us to keep our prices as low as possible without the costs associated with billing and collection activities. Note: we welcome self-insured companies and human resource departments and other groups to make other financial arrangements with us directly.

Can payment arrangements be made?

Our transparent pricing is deeply discounted and as a result payment in full is required at the time of service.

Why have you chosen to offer transparent pricing?

Our doctors believe that price transparency is an essential part of helping move healthcare delivery in the right direction. Empowering the patient with critical cost information logically can help lead to better decisions. Risk, benefit, and costs analysis occur in most major decisions that we make and why should healthcare be any different? The underlying goals of Central Park Surgery Center and its physicians and staff are to set and be the standard, do what is right the first time, and provide high quality, compassionate, and affordable healthcare.

Recent Patient Testimonials

We got there at 6 am, my 7 year old’s surgery was finished around 9 and we were home by 11 am . The anesthesiologist was awesome ? I was told by our nurse that my son could not take his favorite bear (we had made a build a bear the night before as his protector, since I can’t go back there) However the anesthesiologist allowed it and made us all totally at ease. Everyone handled us with care. Dr landers was awesome as well. I see were people are talking about it’s taking too long but would you really want people to rush on the surgery with your child??? Overall it was awesome!!!! My son is on day 3 and doing better…

Kathrine BeardenGoogle Review

My mom had cataract surgery here. It was a calm environment waiting for her to be done. No complaints. The waiting room is large and has a tv to watch if you want. Dr. George is amazing for cataract surgery with Tylock George Eye Care in Irving.

Nathan CarrollGoogle Review

Had eye surgery there 2 times and they were were nice to me and my family. We are going back tomorrow for my husband eye surgery. It all depends on your doctor.

Betty PayneGoogle Review

Great staff! My preferred choice for outpatient surgery.

Calvin HammondGoogle Review