Attention: If you are scheduled for surgery at Central Park Surgery Center, LP and want us to file insurance claims for you, then the prices contained on this website will not apply to you.

The prices published on this website applies to those patients who are paying the entire fee in advance. Pricing for the procedures listed include the initial consultation, surgeon fee, uncomplicated follow up care, anesthesia fee, and facility fee. Should your surgeon find that the proposed surgery is not indicated or if you decide to not proceed with the procedure right after the initial consultation, then a two hundred dollars ($200.00) fee shall apply and will be retained. The initial consultation fee is included in the quoted fees for the cost of the procedure should surgery be indicated and occur. The time and duration of included post operative care is dependent on each surgical procedure and will be communicated by the surgeon at the initial consultation.

  • The quoted rates do not include the following fees:
  • Any diagnostic studies deemed necessary prior to, during, or after surgery (such as: lab, ekg, x-rays, biopsy, MRI, hearing test, etc.).
  • Any additional consultations to determine/assess the medical risk of surgery.
  • Any physical therapy or rehabilitation.
  • Any hardware or implants necessary or used in the procedure (such as: plates, screws, grafts, etc.). – This will be provided to you at invoice cost without any additional markup. Invoice copies will be provided upon request.
  • Any expenses or fees associated with or resulting from complications both subsequent to the completion of the procedure/surgery and discharge from the facility.
  • Any lodging and travel expenses.

The list of the procedures contained on this website are only a partial listing of available procedures that can be performed at Central Park Surgery Center, LP. Should you not find your needed procedure, please contact us at (817) 784-8300 to ask about availability and costs.